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Butterflies and Love
"The butterfly is the perfect symbol of love, both start out as slow, methodical things. Inching their way towards a destination. Just when you think they are dead, no life left to them at all, their true, beautiful selves burst forth and take flight, leaving the witness in awe of one of Gods most spectacular creations." --Catsdogg

The Flutterings of a Princess Butterfly
Copyright 1999 Island Princess....All Rights Reserved



In many forms and guises,
They come as lovely miracles
that God alone devises~~
For He does nothing without purpose,
everything's a perfect plan
To fulfill in bounteous measure
all He ever promised man~~
For every "little angel"
with a body bent and broken,
Or a little mind retarded
or little words unspoken,
Is just God's way of trying
to reach and touch a hand
Of all who do not know Him
and cannot understand
That often through an angel
whose "wings will never fly"
The Lord is pointing out the way
to His eternal sky
Where there will be no handicaps
of body, soul or mind,
An where all limitations
will be dropped and left behind~~
So accept these "little angels"
as gifts from God above
And thank Him for this lesson
in faith and hope and love.
Let brotherly love continue.
Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have
entertained angels unaware. Hebrews 13:1




Reassurance Lord, could you spare some Angels To give me peace  of mind As my children wander from me And stretch the ties that bind? You have heavenly legions, Father Could you send me just a few, To guide my eager youngsters As I give them, Lord, to You? Oh thank You, thank You, Father, And, oh, my glad hart sings. I'm certain that just now I hard The swish of passing wings!

author unknown


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