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 This Page Is In Memory Of My Son Jack On His Birthday In Heaven Aug16/1975


~ Wings Of Love ~

My sweet and gentle butterfly
You fill my heart with glee
Such gentleness and love I see
With wings that flutter free

Colors of the heart's rainbow
It fills me with such peace
Flying softly by my side
You give my soul release

See you travel in the sky
So elegant your flight
Fluttering with heaven's glow
You make my light so bright

Now that you are next to me
With love that will expand
Think of tenderness you give
As you rest upon my hand

Now you are a sign to me
That life beyond does show
Every wing that flutters now
Is one that I will know

Soothe me in your special way
With wings that I will see
Resting on my chambered heart
That's where you'll always be

Fly oh fly so close to me
Sweet kiss of butterfly
Touch my face with happiness
As days of life go by

Fluttering within my heart
The love that keeps me warm
Remembrances of precious life
These wings will calm the storm.

~ Francine Pucillo ~


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